Challenge August 2022 Regulate to Elevate

Accelerate Your Intuition
Regulate to Elevate Challenge
Preparation for your RISE!

Intuitive Medicine For
Your Nervous Systems Health and Vitality

Create clear pathways that allow access to your dormant senses and innate intelligences of your human systems.

August 15th to the 19th

We welcome you to the 

Regulate to Elevate (In Under 8) Challenge

In this challenge we get to lean into what prevents our deepest listening.
The patterns of behaviours that stopped us from being still within ourselves to sense,

Address how stress affect the Physical Body, 
The Energetic Bodies, 
The Soul to Spirit Connection.


When: August 15th - 19th

9AM AEST (Sydney)
7AM AWST (Perth)
1PM HST (Hawaii)
4PM PST (Pacific)
7PM EST (Eastern)

Where: Online Live stream

How: Zoom Link will be emailed to you.

Who: Lead and Facilitated By Cynthia J Harrison

A FREE 5 Day Challenge / training
To Accelerate Your Intuitive Connections With The Self, The Other (in partnership Union) & Spiritual Union.

Join Me, Cynthia J Harrison to Regulate and Elevate.

My gift to you.

During this LIVE 4 Day exclusive online Experiential challenge, 

I will share foundational ways that enable you to create the Conscious Evolution you desire.
Reclaim your Spirit connections
Reawaken your relationships with Self and Others 
Understand deeply to accept fear and acknowledge
The Fear of Fear
 and The Fear of Love
Dissipate your doubts and worry,
Minimise your stress response 

No more feeling stuck
No more second guessing
No more excuses

Gain Confidence to identify steps to move through Unconscious emotions consciously
into the next levels of Intellect, spiritual development into your Crowned sovereignty.

All in the comfort of your home.

Each day will be around 60mins

Give yourself this Gift

I look forward to meeting or seeing you there. 
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